There is a kind of magicness about going far away
and then coming back all changed.
—Kate Douglas Wiggin


What is Origin

Origin is a boutique travel company. Origin offers curated itineraries of rich cultural experiences to select destinations around the world for small groups. Destination from which things we are passionate about have originated from. We value the insights, creativity and culture of the peoples we visit, and design our trips in collaboration with local hosts. Our intention is to provide hospitality that attends to all of the details of your trip, so you can focus on connecting with places and people.

Origin came to be after years of world travel, working and living around this magnificent globe. Our founder learned his craft by hosting donors and corporate sponsors at the Olympic Games, approaching the task with a business development focus. By attempting to connect the dots of past his experiences, “Origin” was conceived in order to share with others what had been discovered in traveling.

Today, we are proud to have created a company that values place, celebrates culture, and connects people to their stories. Once you experience an Origin trip, there will be no other way to see the world.

Why we started Origin

At our core, we are travelers. We have gone far away and returned all changed over and over again. Through our travels we have become the people we are, and through our ongoing adventures we are still becoming ourselves. Origin is our intent to share that experience with you, and with everyone who travels with us. 

Through our decades of traveling the world, we have discovered the stories of our most beloved destinations: the small cafe tucked away off the main square, the view of the ruins from the rocky outcropping if you turn just one more corner on the trail, the corner of the museum from which you can see all the patrons’ awed expressions. What we’ve found is that as we travel the world, we discover our stories. 

We created Origin with that discovery as the heartbeat. We are thrilled as we witness the electricity and growth our guests’ experience when they encounter Origin destinations and come into contact with something of themselves.  

Our Philosophy


All About


Harris Kalofonos

Developing ideas into experiences is Harris’ craft. After serving the Olympic movement for two decades in various key hospitality and marketing roles, he decided to connect the dots of his past experiences by starting Origin.

Harris has worked at five Olympic Games and for numerous other international projects over the years. He has led groups from the public and private sectors to international destinations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Harris is also the founder of Young Champion Ambassadors, an international, education program focused on providing opportunities for youth to connect with the origins of the Olympic movement. He leads this group to the origin of the Olympic Games Ancient Olympia, Greece each year since 2015. 

Harris has always been all about the people experience. Understanding intentions, meeting expectations, activating spaces and fostering the inspiration of conversations are his core values that he infuses into Origin’s corporate culture and customer experience.

Harris lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter. You will find Harris during his free time sailing around the Mediterranean in the summer and enjoying Colorado’s ski resorts in the winter.